How We Do

Our Training Academy

Training is an essential part of our total approach to customer support and satisfaction. The academy is managed by our in-house Government approved training department personnel which consists of highly experienced and successful recruiters. We emphasise on a well-trained professional work force to provide our clients with the right personnel having the right skills to deliver the right service.

We provide training for security guards on:

  • Physical Education
  • Security Duties
  • Code of Ethics
  • Discipline
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Legal Aspects of private security
  • Emergency Protocols
  • First Aid and Healthy Safety Procedures
training cheetah
fire cheetah

Selection of Security Personnel

We strongly feel that to achieve better and effective results the selection of proper manpower is an essential factor. Our candidates are selected preferably from Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra. Candidates from other states are
also recruiters by the company. In the recruitment process all the documents of the candidates are verified by our HR department’s verification team. We also ensures that the candidates selected have good characters, family background and are free from any criminal record. Each candidate should qualify in all five phases of our recruitment process which is as follows-
1. Physical Fitness
2. Education/Qualification
3. Documents verification
4. IQ/GK test
5. Address, Background, Characters-Investigation

We ensure that while our security staff is deployed on duty, they are well aware of their responsibilities, duties are well mannered, in proper uniform & look like an alert & efficient soldier on duty.

A police officer and his police dog.