Ensuring Safety Through Effective Utilisation OF Most Advanced I.T. Apps & Equipment’s

Integrated Electronic Security System

We have a 24×7 online Surveillance Center through which we monitor our client’s site by accessing client’s CCTV Systems over internet only on our client’s approval. This is an effective solution for monitoring our guards from our surveillance center to evaluate their performance than the traditional (such as area officers/rounder visit) which are time bounded. Our Operation Head

and Area officers also have access to the monitoring system on their tablets and phones so that they can monitor the sites and the security personnel deployed on those sites from any location and at any time. Our guards, supervisors and other security personnel are alert round the clock and they are also being monitored from our surveillance center. This helps us to serve your site more efficiency

Mobile Application

Today, Cheetah Force Security has deep footprints in entire Mumbai, Maharashtra as well as Gujarat. We have incorporate Smart Working Techniques thus making our company administration Digital. Cheetah Force has its very own Mobile Application which is completely safe & secure. It covers all the payroll system i.e. all financial records of salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions along with client’s invoices. We have a 24 x 7 tracing system, which tracks supervisors & officers on field. Our tracking system is capable of watching all guards who are on duty

We keep a tracking of all our Security Guards with the help of 24 Hours CCTV Camera Surveillance and GPS System

Web Portal For Queries And Suggestions

We have a direct contact system on our website which helps our clients to directly communicate with our higher authorities. If a client has any queries, complaints or suggestions regarding our services which is not resolved by our Operation team or if they don’t get satisfactory response from them. Clients can visit our website(https://www.cheetahforce.com/Enquiry.html) and fill up the form. Queries/complaints sent to us via this form are directly reported to higher authorities terminating the chances of complaint being suppressed by the officers for their convenience. Hence higher authorities can personally look into and take quick actions against such issues and
resolve them within 24 hrs.

We will consider it our highest priority to resolve your problem and assure you satisfactory results. This is our proactive approach that allows our dedicated operations team to find and address any likely problems before they can occur and hinder our goal of providing professionalism and excellence to all.

    Security Applicant Application

    Rather than our Application we have also provided our client with Security Applicant App which is a perfect solution. Everything is at our fingertips, Security System, Emergency Service, Parking System, Guest Info, viz. all information is available just a click away. Housemaid, Carpenter or Plumber, any person coming for work inside the premises their info, photo, in time, out time, all the details are available in our Digital Application.

    With the help of our Digital System, information of the guests as well as other person coming to meet are sent to Client Mobile with the help of Bar-code System. This ensures that all the information is available to the client to access on our Cheetah Force Server. We ensures your security.

    All the internal workings of our company are in compliance with full access to application and management. We provide with our Mobile Application and Management System for Residential Societies, Commercial Sites as well as every other client site we take care of.